Orleans Group, LLC
Discrete International Consulting Since 1973


Jerred C. Peebles

Jerred is a founder and Managing Partner of Orleans Group, LLC
Jerred has spent the majority of his 30 plus years of business experience in the international market place. During this time he has founded numerous successful product and service companies and has established high level government and business contacts throughout the world. These contacts help keep Orleans Group at the forefront of global opportunities in expanding markets.
As the Founding Partner of Chemsult A.G., in 1974 Jerred went on to create the largest and most successful supplementary technical manpower services company in Saudi Arabia. Though the years, the gas industry has been his central focus, Jerred has also spear headed defense and security projects.
Some of the business enterprises that Jerred has created include:
  • Swiss incorporated company (Chemsult Libya, AG) that provided manpower and construction services in Libya;
  • Saudi incorporated company (Chemsult - Al Hoty, Ltd.) that provided manpower, construction, operation and maintenance, inspection, catering and other services to Aramco and the Saudi Government. Total employees in Kingdom exceeded 2,000;
  • Bahrain incorporated company (Chemsult Bahrain, Ltd) that was the largest independent testing facility in the Middle East. Testing capability included everything from used oil, soils and concrete to water, foods and aircraft fuel;
  • Philippine incorporated company (Chemsult Philippines, Inc.) that provided recruiting, purchasing and project management to other wholly owned entities;
  • UK incorporated company (Chemsult UK, Ltd) that provided recruiting, purchasing and project management to other Chemsult companies;
  • California incorporated company (Chemsult, Inc.) that provided recruiting, purchasing and project management to other Chemsult Companies.

Lawrence E. Cutting

Larry is a founder and Managing Partner of Orleans Group, LLC 

Larry has lived and worked much of his life internationally. This international experience began in 1968 with his initial assignment in Germany and includes the recent honor of being the recipient of the Cambodian Gold Medal (for National Reconstruction and Humanitarian Services), Cambodia's highest honor that may be awarded a foreigner.

After serving in the military and finishing university, Larry lived and worked for a time in the Phoenix Islands in the South Pacific (now known as the Republic of Kiribati). He first arrived in the Middle East in 1974 where his lifelong interest in the Middle East was developed and where he became one of four principals of Chemsult, A.G., a Switzerland based company. During the 1980's Chemsult merged with several other entities to become the Al Hoty Group of Companies. During his tenure, he held the Saudi Arabian based positions of Resident Manager, Director, Human Resources, Vice President, Business Development and, also, headed up the United Kingdom and Philippine branches. After successfully completing this endeavor, he returned to the United States where he successfully owned and operated a temporary help business.

In 1989, Larry joined the Saudi Arabian oil company, Saudi Aramco, where he was a member of the Vice President of Project Management's Planning Staff. The Planning Staff was responsible for 140 annual projects with $9 billion in capital and non-capital spending. He was responsible for both short and long range planning and tracking of commitments and expenditures.

In 1996, Larry returned to the Al Hoty Group of Companies as CEO to effect a turn-around of the four Al Hoty companies. This included the expansion of the companies throughout Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

In 2001, Larry joined SureBeam Corporation, a subsidiary of Titan Corporation as Director, International Business Development. While at SureBeam, which was spun off from Titan during his tenure, he was responsible for the Middle East. In 2001 Larry formed SureBeam Middle East (www.smebeam.com) and was responsible for their $75 million dollar project in Saudi Arabia. While with SureBeam, Larry also developed a project in Turkey and began the planning process for a project in India.

In 2003, Larry joined Pure-O-Tech, Inc. as Senior VP, Government & International, and took an equity interest in the firm. Pure-O-Tech was an engineering and manufacturing company that provided water purification technologies.

Larry serves on the Board of Directors of World Emergency Relief (www.wer-us.org) an organization which has an emphasis on food programs for Native Americans in need and emergency relief for those in need around the world, but primarily the African continent. He also serves on three Boards of Directors of A Child's Hope Fund and affiliates in the United States, the Netherlands, and in Hong Kong. They provide emergency relief to children and communities around the globe. He is an active volunteer and director with and Rescue Task Force (RTF) (www.rescuetaskforce.org). RTF is a non-profit organization that provides volunteer medical teams, medical supplies and clinics, and humanitarian aid to remote, isolated regions of the globe, literacy centers for women in Afghanistan, support for war wounded service members, and immediate disaster response.

He also serves on the Board of Advisors of RadiaBeam Technologies, LLC (www.radiabeam.com) a firm which offers a line of products for the physical sciences research sector and performs engineering services with specialization in RF design, advanced acceleration methods, and radiation diagnostics.

While living in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War “Desert Storm” operations in 1991, Larry was active as a civilian volunteer and was recognized by the American Legion, Members of US Congress, and others for his activities. In 1996, he was one of the first civilian responders to the Khobar Towers bombing in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. His own office, located nearby, was heavily damaged in the bombing.

A Vietnam era veteran, Larry is a member of China Post Number 1, American Legion. He was a founder of Valley Merchants Bank, Hemet, California, which is now part of Union Bank of California and was a founder and active principal in Janthina's, a 220-seat restaurant and lounge which is now part of the Acapulco chain of restaurants. Larry founded and owned Uniforce Temporary Services of Riverside, California, is a past member of the Advisory Board of Barclay College and past member of Greater Riverside Employers Advisory Council, among other organizations.

Dr. Syed Haider
(Ph'd Biological Sciences and Infectious Diseases; M.B.A. Business Administration)

Dr. Haider is Orleans Group Overseas Associate and Science Consultant.

Syed brings a wealth of experience, organizational abilities and growth initiatives to our Marketing efforts in the Middle East and Far East. His background includes his current position as General Manager, SureBeam Middle East, which is one of the world's largest, most well equipped, and most cost efficient irradiation facilities in the world. He has been instrumental in coordinating with US, European, and Saudi companies to ensure the on time record of the SureBeam Riyadh facility's completion and its successful and profitable operations to process food and medical supplies..
Dr. Haider's Saudi Arabian experience began in 1977. He began with the Al Hoty Stanger Testing Laboratories in Alkhobar to support Saudi Aramco inspection and testing requirement. While with Al Hoty Stanger, he was instrumental in bringing this small, one branch testing laboratory to a leading position throughout the Gulf for the materials testing industry. His positions with Al Hoty Stanger include over 15 years in senior management positions, which included six years as the General Manager. He had full responsibility for the company and was involved in every aspect of company operations including responsibility for the P& L of the firm. The company employed over 300 multinationals from 7 different countries.